Jungle Magazine


Jungle is an international fashion and lifestyle publication based in London that aims to inspire and empower its readers through creative freedom, forward-thinking and artistic expression. It provides a collection of timeless creativity; stemming from the familiarity of the everyday and the imagined unknown: words, sounds, images, collaborations and experiences inspire the pages.

Web Development


Following the start of Jungle Magazine’s full rebrand project in order to satisfy the high end and luxury market, there was a need for a brand new website that will serve the audience accordingly. Incorporating the branding guidelines and the new aesthetics of Jungle Magazine, Humble designed and developed a slick and beautiful, yet very easy to use website that acts as bridge between the magazine and its audience.

We are incredibly proud of the results that Humble have achieved in this project, making each step of the development from the brief to post-release enhancements completely enjoyable. Humble’s great problem finding skills and analysis techniques allowed us to identify our audience’s needs on our website and was effectively addressed through a creative and exquisite design solution. We cannot wait to see the future projects that we will be involved with.

Ali Faroughi
Ali FaroughiCreative Director and Editor in ChiefJungle Magazine