One Year On


Drawology & Drawology: One Year On are curated by Deborah Harty as part of a wider research project entitled ‘drawing is phenomenology’. The practice-led research utilises drawing, theory and philosophy as a means to test out this premise.

Drawing through mark and erasure, delineating in the trace: the movements of body; thought;

the drawn of the drawing||trace = phenomenology? Outlined with this perspective, Drawology was curated with the aim of investigating the premise ‘drawing is phenomenology’ with tonal emphasis on whether this proposition is traceable in a specific process or genre of drawing or whether it blemishes drawing generally.

with many thanks

to the Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, Lanchester Gallery and Coventry University for their support and funding to enable the publishing of this catalogue.

The Process

The project followed our tried and tested 4-Stage process, making sure that the client was heard and involved throughout.

  • The Brief

    Following our work for PULP Art Exhibition in Summer 2014, lecturers from Nottingham Trent University approached us for branding and catalogue design.

  • The Plan

    This is where we broke down the project into milestones, and planned out how each of those were to fit on the timeline. Concepts were designed and content was planned and organised, ready for the build.

  • The Build

    Each page was custom designed for each artist, and the layout and colouring was informed by their work. The catalogue followed a consistent design throughout.

  • The Production

    After the final proofing stage, files were prepared and packaged, making sure that they calibrate with commercial printing press. Working with the printing suppliers, we had them produced and delivered right to the exhibition.

The Catalogue

A limited edition run of 200 was produced and made available exclusively on the opening night of Drawology: One Year On at Lanchester Gallery in Coventry on 26th September 2014.

Deborah Harty

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer

Deborah Harty is an artist-researcher interested in the premise ‘drawing is phenomenology’.

Deborah studied for a practice-led PhD at Loughborough University before taking up a post in 2011 as a Lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

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