Charley’s Aunt


After the huge success of Private Lives in 2013, Thread Theatre were asked to stage classic farce Charley’s Aunt for LoveLoughborough and Charnwood Borough Council in June 2014. Jack Chesney loves Kitty Verdun and Charley loves Miss Amy Spettigue. They invite the ladies to meet Charley’s wealthy aunt. Cancelling her visit at the last minute, the millionaire aunt sends the boys into cataclysmic confusion. What do they do now? The problem is solved by drafting their feckless Oxford undergrad pal into a black satin skirt, bloomers and wig.

Thread Theatre sought to find originality within the classic play and focused on expanding the roles of the underused female characters, as well as casting a female actor as butler Brasset. Their classic productions are always a mix of absolute period detail (costumes, props, set) which allowed them to knowingly include references and nods for contemporary audiences. For example they managed to attribute most of The Beatles back catalogue to the otherwise hugely inept Fanny Babbs and concluded the play with musical number led by a brass band hidden in the audience.